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Quantachrome Instruments Announces the Release of the New AutoFlow BET+TM Dynamic Flow Surface Area Analyzer

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The AutoFlow BET+TM extends Quantachrome’s range of pertinent product offerings to provide users with exceptionally fast and high throughput BET surface area capabilities. Thanks to its unique MEMS-TCD sensor design, its built-in mass flow controllers, its dedicated pressure transducers, its parallel multi-path analysis stations, and its smart and adaptable FloWinTM software, the AutoFlow BET+TM can yield BET surface area results in less than 5 minutes per individual degassed sample per station, or up to 36 analysis results per hour.


  • Extremely fast and high throughput dynamic flow BET surface area analyzer

  • Fully automated modular design with 1, 2, or 3 independent analysis stations.

  • Single-point BET analyses in < 5 minutes per sample.

  • Menu-driven, easy-to-use software allows the user to collect, display, analyze, and archive data.

  • Interface between AutoFlow BET+TM and mobile devices or PC allows remote access to its functions and data.

  • Each control module includes a touchscreen interface and a USB port for optional data storage.

  • Ergonomic design with protective shielding doors for added safety.

  • Quiet; unlike traditional surface area analyzers the Autoflow does not employ any vacuum pumps.

A convenient alternative to using liquid argon or expensive cryostats for IUPAC- recommended gas sorption analyses

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Following its well-established tradition of introducing key innovations in the field of porous solids characterization, Quantachrome Instruments is pleased to introduce a novel cryocooling accessory: The CryoSync™ (patent pending). With this compact and deceptively simple accessory, modern gas sorption analyzers can be used to generate isotherms:

  • At an essentially constant temperature (down to ±0.005 K);

  • Within a wide target temperature range (82-115 K); and

  • For as long as needed for extended high resolution analyses (over 50 hours without optional refill).

It is now well established (see the latest IUPAC recommendations in Pure. Appl. Chem. 87 (2015) 1051)) that argon molecules provide distinct advantages over nitrogen molecules for gas sorption analyses, including the following:

  • Unlike nitrogen, argon has no quadrupole moment. Thus, using argon as adsorbate eliminates specific chemical interactions with polar/ionic surface sites;

  • As a result, argon physisorption isotherms provide much more reliable fingerprints of the interactions modeled by today’s most advanced techniques (e.g., QSDFT) for pore size characterization; and

  • Argon sorption analyses at its boiling point (87K) can be significantly faster than conventional N2/77K experiments, because the filling of similar pores can occur much more readily at much higher relative pressures.




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