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New Solartron Xtreme Measurement series


Solartron Analytical’s new Apps-XM series of Xtreme Measurement products are each precisely focused on the requirements for specific applications. With a much smaller footprint than most competitive units the XM series delivers unmatched XM measurement performance while taking less of your restricted lab space.  Each XM module is individually calibrated using Solartron Analytical’s unique multi-point calibration and tested to rigorous standards ensuring best accuracy.

EnergyLab XM

  • Auxiliary channel DC and EIS for anode/cathode characterization
  • Highly repeatable sub 100 µΩ measurements
  • Highest accuracy DC and EIS

EchemLab XM

  • 100 V Polarization and Compliance - organics, specialist corrosion
  • Fast data acquisition, pulse, CV and smooth analog waveforms
  • Highest accuracy DC and EIS

SolarLab XM

  • IMPS, IMVS, Photovoltage Decay, Charge Extraction, EIS/Capacitance
  • Auto analysis of diffusion coefficients and electron lifetimes
  • IPCE option for Quantum Efficiency (includes white light source)

Materials Lab XM

  • I-V, Pulse, EIS, Capacitance, Mott-Schottky, C-V in a compact unit
  • Characterization of insulators, dielectrics and electronic materials
  • Market leading EIS - swept-sine, multisine, and harmonics