News » RADEAGLE - nuclide identifyer from ORTEC

RADEAGLE - nuclide identifyer from ORTEC


New scintillating nuclide indintifinder from ORTEC

Ortec launches a powerful nuclide identifyer based on scintillation technology, RADEAGLE




  • Lightweigt and powerful with 3"x1" NaI detector
  • Exceed ANSI N42.32
  • NaI with PMT with ≤ 7.5% resolution
  • 3,5" display readable full sunlight and low light conditions
  • Operate with one hand
  • 10-hour battery life, plus additional operational time with external battery pack
  • Uniqe algorithm with stand alone sub-rutine for each isotope
  • Automated temperature stabilization 

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