Energy and Power Measurement

Energy Power Measurementedit

A diverse portfolio of nearly 100 different standard laser power sensors over a broad range of laser output characteristics allows you to select a system to best meet your particular needs.

Our suppliers, Coherent offer three different types of sensor technologies that address a broad range of measurement parameters and laser characteristics; Thermopile, Semiconductor/Optical and Pyroelectric sensors.

The Power and Energy Meters section contains a variety of meters which are connected to a sensor providing statistical analysis such as, a trend chart, tuning, positional display and beam stability.

Devices which are directly connected to your computer via USB are also available; the USB Power Meterless Sensor is used for a continuous (CW) laser whereas the USB Energy Meterless Sensor is used for a pulsed laser.

Beam positioning instruments are connected to the Power or Energy sensors; LabMax-TO or LabMax-TOP (where no adapters are necessary).

Also available are Reduced Price System Kits which contain a meter and sensor of a reduced price suitable for a more restricted budget. 

Download the Product Catalog "Laser Measurement and Control"


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