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From handling smaller scientific lasers to massive industrial lasers, Gammadata strives to provide you with the best safety equipment. Our suppliers, Honeywell have an assortment of different types of filters to match your need of safety goggles.

Honeywell's frames are designed with fashion in mind and incorporate features that make the eyewear comfortable to wear. When combined with the extensive line of Laser Filters, Honeywell protective laser eyewear provides you with a product that you can trust, incorporating protection, visibility, comfort and style. When selecting a suitable frame style, consider requirements for adjustability, comfort, the need to wear prescription frames, etc. Consider the weight, but most importantly the style, since this will have a great impact on the weight distribution and comfort, as well as ensuring that you look and feel good.

Wondering how protection for eyewear is defined?

Polymer Filters, designed to maximize visibility also provide you with unsurpassed attenuation by narrowing the absorption band to the specific laser wavelengths. 

Glass Filters are designed to absorb higher heat densities than the Polymer Filters, thus offering a higher protection level. Also containing properties which protect you against specific lasers by absorbing the light passing through the filter.

Crystal Clarity Filters are the most light-weight coated glass filters in the industry and protect you against a laser light by reflecting it. 

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