Diode pumped solid state laser from Quantel

The Viron™ is a diode-pumped Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and was specifically designed for high efficiency in a robust, compact package favored by instrumentation manufacturers.
The Viron™ delivers up to 30 mJ @ 1064 nm in an 8 nanoseconds at a pulse repetition rate of 20 Hz.

The Centurion + is an air cooled, diode pumped laser, delivering 50 mJ energy in nanosecond pulses at repetition rates up to 100 Hz. Diode pumping eliminates the need of water, reduces size, improves reliability, and eliminates most maintenance requirements.

Verdi G family: high power in the green

M VerdiG18

Based on optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology where the rod-based gain medium is replaced with a robust and versatile semiconductor chip, the Verdi G-Series is suited for Ti:Sapphire pumping and enables the lowest CW noise applications from 2W, 5W, 7W, 8W, 10W, 12W, 15W, 18W and 20W of 532 nm. OPSL output power can be changed without affecting beam parameters due to the ultra-thin 

gain medium (i.e. no thermal lensing issues). In addition, the short upper-state lifetime of the OPS chip removes the “green noise” problem as seen with sum frequency generated (SFG) noise in multi-longitudinal mode DPSS lasers. Single longitudinal mode options are available up to 5W. See the Verdi G-Series whitepapers for more details.

M OBIS14LaserLineuPOBIS Lasers: multi-colour modules

OBIS is a breakthrough laser platform offering plug-and-play operation with  the widest range of wavelengths available. With lasers from 375 nm to 785 nm, an integrated controller and compact packaging, OBIS is the smallest - and smartest - laser platform on the market. Simply plug in the DC source and your laser is operating. Need a different wavelength? Unplug the old and plug in the new. It's as simple as that

Genesis Lasers: multi-watts lasersM GenesisTaipan

The Genesis CX-Series offers up to hundreds of mW in the UV and up to 10W in the visible and is intended for life sciences, research, holographic and interferometric applications. The Genesis MX-Series offers up to 10W in the visible and invisible range for medical and defense applications, as well as up to 1W in the visible for life sciences and research applications. The Genesis Taipan-Series covers the visible range with multi-watt performance for lightshow applications.

Mephisto and Prometheus : Ultra-stable single frequency lasersmephisto 01

While the Mephisto provides ultra stable lasers with low noise at 1064 or 1319nm with up to 2 W, the Promotheus, in its turn, will transform this output for similar characteristics but at 532nm. Need more power? The Mephisto MOPA will give you 55 W or ultra stable wavelength. Need much less? Then you should investigate the Mephisto S.


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